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Las Vegas Bail Bonds Information

When a friend or family member is arrested on a drug charge you need a bail bonds service with experience. In Las Vegas, Godfathers Bail Bonds has over 30 years experience in posting bail and helping individuals get their loved ones released from jail. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get your loved one out of jail and back home where they belong.

What Happens When a Person is Charged with a Drug Offense in Las Vegas?

After a person has been arrested on a drug charge, they will be immediately taken to the police station or jail. Once there the intake process begins. This includes having their personal information entered into the police department's computer, being booked, fingerprinted and photographed. The person will remain in a holding cell or placed back into general population until their bond is posted. The terms of a person's bond will be set by the judge or by a pre-determined bond schedule. 

Well-known Drug Charges

Drugs are classified in several ways. Some carry penalties that are more severe than others because of their strength and the seriousness of their use. Marijuana possession is considered a misdemeanor charge unless there is massive quantities involved. If a person possessed marijuana along with other drugs and showed an intent to distribute the drugs, the resulting charge would end up being a felony. Penalties range from misdemeanors to felonies in the state of Nevada. In rare cases, a person may be given life in prison.

Release on Bond

The circumstances under which a person is arrested will determine if they are eligible for bail. In most cases, they will be processed and allowed to post bail to obtain their release on a minor drug charge. If the charge is serious enough, the judge may demand that they be held without bond. In Nevada, a person is normally arraigned within 2 business days after they have been arrested. If bond is allowed, the defendant can bond out within 24 hours of their arrest. Some drug cases are severe enough, however, that no bond is issued. 

Drug Bail Bonds: What Are They?

Individuals who are charged with drug related offenses, such as possession and intent to distribute will need a drug bail bond to obtain their release from jail. Drugs that can result in these types of charges include cocaine, heroine, methamphetamine and marijuana. In order for a person to be released from jail, the person must pay the bail that has been set and agree to appear in court at each scheduled hearing. If they fail to appear, their bail bond is forfeited. In Las Vegas, contact Godfathers Bail Bonds today if you have any questions!

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