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Las Vegas Bail Bonds Information

In the United States, bail is a constitutional right each American has that allows them to move through the legal process smoothly and efficiently. It is an option that allows the defendant to exercise all of their rights as a citizen. Bail bonds also work to keep the inmate population to a minimum, allowing those who are able to return to their daily lives and care for their families. This allows them ample time to find an attorney, prepare their case and get their affairs in order. The right to bail may be denied if the judge believes them to be a flight risk or a danger to themselves or the public. The severity of their crime will also impact the judge's final decision.

Doing Things By the Book

Being arrested is not an everyday occurrence for most people. Many have never had any run ins with the law except for the occasional traffic ticket. The majority of the public know very little about the judicial system and how a person must work their way through it once they have been arrested. Confusion and misinformation can cause frustration and sense of helplessness. Hiring a qualified bail bondsman is the answer to many of those problems. They can guide you through the bail bonds process and help you get back on track once you or your loved one has been released from jail.

Preparing for Court

Being released on bond allows the defendant time to get their affairs in order and hire a good attorney. Once the attorney is on board, both can begin working on building an adequate defense. It is extremely difficult while you are in jail to find a qualified attorney. You have no access to resources who will help you find an attorney and there is literally no way to schedule appointments. After your release, you can return to work and be with your family. This will help to make sure you do not lose your job due to a lengthy absence.

Hiring the right bail bond service helps you to protect both your rights and your family's sense of security. With their guidance you will be able to get through the process by following sound advice provided by a knowledgeable team of bail bondsmen who will always be there whenever you need them.

GODFATHERS Bail Bonds serves the entire state of Nevada, including the following cities: Henderson, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Paradise and Spring Valley. If you have an emergency, feel free to call us at your earliest convenience at 702-384-4007. You can also visit our webpage and submit a written request for information.

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