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Las Vegas Bail Bonds Information

Vegas is the place to be and we are here to help make sure you have the best time possible. People come to Las Vegas to cut loose and party to morning. The local police, however, may have different ideas, especially if you don't know how to act in and around the casino.

Sin City may be fun and carefree, but there are still laws that everyone must follow. If you are planning to come to Las Vegas anytime soon, read the following list of tips to make sure you have as much fun as possible without running into a spoiler.

What Not to Do on the Casino Floor

1. Don't cheat!

Counting cards is illegal. Even if you can do it in your head, it's not a good idea. If the casino catches you they can withhold your winnings and make you leave. As a private business, they have the right to refuse service to anyone.

2. Try and get away with writing a bad check!

Casinos no longer have a check cashing option, but rest assured if you try and cash a bad check anywhere in Vegas, you will be found out and arrested for fraud. It's always a good idea to carry cash or use a well established credit line if you plan on gambling in the casinos.

3. Don't get drunk!

Drinks are free in most casinos but that doesn't mean you have to go overboard. While being publicly intoxicated is not against the law in Vegas, other crimes are. Disorderly conduct, trespassing and disturbing the peace will cause you to end up in jail and be added to your arrest record.

4. Don't take pictures or videotape anything.

Keep your camera turned off unless a dealer says it is alright. Cameras on the casino floor are prohibited due to the many laws governing how the casinos are run. The ban on cameras reduces the risk of cheating and eliminates lawsuits if someone at the casino does not want there whereabouts known.

5. Always have your valid ID.

When someone asks to see your ID, they normally have a good reason to do so. Comply and be courteous about it, otherwise they might think you are up to something. Because alcohol is served on the casino floor, individuals who cannot present a valid ID may be asked to leave. You will also not be allowed to collect your winnings.

6. Under 21? Don't drink or gamble!

If you are under 21, abide by the law. Don't drink or gamble. Casino employees have special training to be able to identify fake forms of ID. Most parents don't realize it is illegal to bring a minor onto the casino floor. If by some chance they would win, they cannot collect any earnings because they were won illegally.

Individuals who are under 21 are only allowed on the casino floor if they are traveling through to get to another area of the casino or if they are looking for their parents. Anyone caught bringing minors onto the casino floor or allowing them to consume alcoholic beverages can be arrested per the casino's strict rules and regulations.

7. Cell phones cannot be used in the sports books.

There are laws in the state of Nevada that prevent messenger betting. This keeps each bet fair and prevents them from being inflated. If you want to stay out of jail, do not use your cell phone.

8. Say no to prostitutes.

Las Vegas is part of a county where prostitution is illegal. In some cases, it is disguised as a dating service, escort service or massage parlor. Do not get involved in or pay for any activity that is even remotely related to prostitution on the casino floor or anywhere in close proximity to it.

9. Absolutely no drugs!

Although Vegas has made a name for itself in the crazy department, drugs are definitely something you want to avoid. Even wealthy people such as Paris Hilton, can't escape law enforcement officers if they are found to be breaking the law, especially if drugs are involved. Vegas is known for its extremely harsh drug penalties. There is a reason why they are illegal. With that being said do not use, sell, buy or be in possession of any type of illegal drug.

In Las Vegas, GODFATHER'S Bail Bonds takes great pride in serving the entire state of Nevada, as well as the local area. If you need a bail bonds agent for any reason, Godfather's is here for you. All you have to do is visit our web page or call us directly at 702-384-4007.

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