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assault bail bonds

If you have been in a physical altercation and were arrested, you may need to have an assault bail bond in order to get out on bond. Call Godfather's Bail Bonds if you find yourself in a situation where you have been charged with assault or battery.

What Is An Assault Bail Bond?

An assault bail bond is similar to a conventional bail bond. The main differences have to do with provisions that are put in place by the judge. The judge may issue a protective order requiring you or the defendant from staying away from the victimized party. The judge may also require the defendant to attend and complete anger management or other forms of counseling during the time they are out on bond. If the defendant fails to comply with the court ordered stipulations, the judge may revoke the bond and put the defendant back in jail until it is time for their scheduled court hearing.

How Is It Different Than A Conventional Bail Bond?

To get an assault bail bond, the defendant must contact a licensed bail bondsman, pay the required state mandated fee (normally 10%) and sign a contract that stipulates the terms of the bail bond agreement. If the bail bond is set according to a bond schedule, it will be considered a conventional bond and the defendant will have to comply with the rules associated with it. If the crime is severe enough to warrant an arraignment in front of a judge, that is when the protective order and other stipulations will be included. The bail bondsman will be advised of the conditions and the defendant must agree to comply with the orders of the court before they are released.

Where Can I Get An Assault Bail Bond?

Most licensed and bonded bail bondsmen are capable of writing an assault bail bond. If you want to find a reputable bail bonds service who can handle your particular case, talk to your friends or family members to see if there is one that they trust to do the work. If you have never been in this situation before, you may want to seek the advice of an attorney. Although an attorney cannot recommend one bail bonds agency over another, they may be able to tell you who to talk to. Do your research. Talk to others who have had to use an agent in the past. You can also look at an agency's rating with the Better Business Bureau or you local Chamber of Commerce.

If you need a reputable bail bonds service that are knowledgeable about assault bail bonds, call Godfather's Bail Bonds at 702-384-4007. Our bail bondsmen know the court system as well as law enforcement agencies in the area. When you call our office, there will always be someone available to talk to you about your case. Call us today and let help you get through this difficult time!

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