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Battery Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one were arrested in Las Vegas or surrounding areas after a physical altercation, you may be facing very serious consequences and you may need to secure a battery bail bond to be released from jail. If you or a loved one facing this situation, the first step towards freedom is likely getting in touch with a skilled and experienced battery bail bondsman, and if you are in the Las Vegas area, there is no better choice than Godfathers Bail Bonds.

What Is A Battery Bail Bond?

A battery bail bond is not much different than a standard bail bond. The main difference usually has to do with what provisions a judge may or may not issue. Some of the stipulations the judge may install in a battery case is to require the defendant to attend anger management or substance abuse classes while they are free on bond or to issue a protective order which bars contact between the defendant and an individual involved in the case.

If the defendant fails to comply with the stipulations set forth by the judge, then the judge may request that the defendant be sent back to jail until their court date.

How Much Does A Battery Bail Bond Cost?

The cost of the battery bail bond will depend on the bail amount usually set. The bond will cost the state mandated fee (usually 10%) when purchased through a certified bondman like Godfathers Bail Bonds.

How Is The Cost Of A Bail Bond Set?

The amount of bail required to free a defendant will be set by community bail schedules or a judge and will depend on the severity of the crime and the potential flight risk of the individual being charged. For example, an individual charged with murder will most likely have a higher bail amount set than an individual charged with simple assault.

How Long Does It Take To Get Out Of Jail With A Bail Bond?

It depends. A bail bondman can get you out of jail as quickly as within possibly an hour, but if the jail is especially busy, it can take as long as several hours. The amount of time may also depend on the seriousness of the crime.

Where Can I Get A Battery Bail Bond in Las Vegas?

Through a certified bail bondsman. A bail bondman will be able to secure a bond for you or your loved one. If you are charged with battery, it is important to choose a bail bondsman experienced with working with battery cases.

Godfathers Bail Bonds is well reviewed in the Las Vegas area and has handled countless battery cases. Our bail bondsmen are experts in the bail bond process and skilled in limiting the time the process takes – getting individuals out of jail as soon as legally possible.

Our bail bondsmen are available 24 hours per-day, seven days a week and are waiting to take your call and help you. Please call us at 702-384-4007 and we can get started on getting you out of jail as quickly as possible.

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