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DUI Bail Bonds

Driving under the influence is a crime, but you rarely think of someone who does it as a criminal. Because of the nature of the infraction, however, most states require a person to spend at least one night in jail even if it is their first offense. If you or a loved one are in this particular situation, you may want to enlist the services of a local bail bondsman from Godfathers Bail Bonds.

One of the first things a DUI suspect thinks of is how to get out of jail as quickly as possible to prevent them from losing their job. Our dedicated bail bondsman at Godfathers Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, are here to help you any time of day or night. We are available 24/7/365 to make sure you or your loved doesn't have to remain in jail any longer than necessary.

We take you through every step of the bail bonds process so you understand exactly what is going on and what will be expected of both you and the defendant. It is our goal to protect your right to privacy and we will do everything in our power to be as discreet as possible. You have the choice of meeting with us in our Las Vegas office or we can visit you in the privacy of your own home.

In most cases, if this is a first offense, a DUI bail bonds may not be required. For a person's first offense, it may be policy to detain them for 8 hours, give them a citation and release them on their own recognizance. There are other circumstances in which the services of Godfathers Bail Bonds may be needed. These include:

  • The driver of the vehicle was a minor
  • Passengers of the car are minors
  • Prior DUI offenses or citations that involved driving while intoxicated
  • The vehicle in question was involved in any type of accident

What Is a DUI Bond?

A DUI bond is one that is set when a person is arrested for driving or operating a vehicle while they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The bond is written and the amount required posted to obtain the defendant's release from police custody. Once the defendant is released they must appear at all scheduled court dates and perform any tasks ordered by the judge. When everything has been completed and the defendant has been sentenced, the bail funds are released back to the co-signer minus court costs and fees.

If they defendant fails to comply with the bond arrangements, their bail money will be forfeited and it will be up to a Godfathers Bail Bondsman to apprehend them and return them to jail. Godfathers Bail Bonds service can be reached at 702-384-4007 and is available to help the defendant in any way needed to help them remain in compliance with the court's orders.

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