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Las Vegas Prostitution & Solicitation Bail Bonds - Bail Bond Prostitution & Solicitation | Godfathers Bail Bonds

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Prostitution / Solicitation Bail Bonds

Being arrested for prostitution can be both embarrassing and frustrating. In Las Vegas, Nevada, you will need a special type of bail bond to be able to obtain early release from jail. We can help! At Godfathers Bail Bonds, we have the experience to handle prostitution bail bonds and help you meet the requirements so you can get back on track with your life. Call our agents today at 702-384-4007! Our office is open around the clock, 365 days a year for your convenience. We make you a priority!

What is a Prostitution Bail Bond?

A solicitation of prostitution bail bond is unique in that it covers charges pertaining to prostitution. This can be solicitation of prostitution or engagement in prostitution. Either charge will require a bail bond that is designed for this type of charge. Prostitution is often a repeat offense. When this is the case, the bail bond may be written in such a way that the defendant may not have to remain in jail, even if there is more than one case pending against them. The defendant will have to remain in compliance with the requirements of the court.

What Makes This Type of Bond Different?

A solicitation or prostitution bail bond is one that is written specifically written to help obtain the release of a person charged with solicitation or the engagement in activities that are related to prostitution. The regular state-mandated, 10% premium applies, in addition to any other fees that are charged by the bail bond agency. At Godfathers Bail Bonds, our fees are explained up front so that you will understand how your money is being used. We accept all forms of payment, including cash, money orders, credit/debit cards, and personal property.

The main stipulation of a prostitution bail bond is that the defendant attend all scheduled court appearances. If the defendant has multiple charges and several court dates, they must make sure that each court date is taken care of in addition to any court fees and fines. Missing a court date or a payment can result in their bail bond being forfeited and a bench warrant issued for their arrest.

Who Offers This Type of Bail Bond?

We do! At Godfathers Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, Nevada, we offer all types of bail bonds. In addition to conventional bail bonds, we offer prostitution bail bonds that cover both solicitation and the engagement of prostitution or sex trafficking. We are here when you need us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nights, weekends and holidays, our agents are ready to help you get through this difficult situation. Call our office today at 702-384-4007! Our doors are always open and our agents are always available. We have the knowledge and experience to handle all types of bail bonds, including prostitution and solicitation. Don't let this get you down. When you need a reputable bail bond agent in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, we are here to help. We are fully licensed and bonded. Our agents know the law and will do everything possible to make sure your rights are protected and your privacy secured.

At Godfathers Bail Bonds, we take pride in serving the residents of Las Vegas, Nevada. Calling our office gets you the fastest, most efficient bail bonds service in the state, no matter what your charges. We offer 100% confidentiality and expedited processes to help you get in and out of jail in just a few hours. Our offices are open 24/7, all year long. Call 702-384-4007 to speak to a fully licensed and bonded bail bonds agent! We will work with you from the first step to the last!

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