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Sex Crimes Bail Bonds

If you have been arrested and accused of committing a sex crime, you may need to obtain a sex crimes bail bond as soon as possible. If you are in this situation, Godfather’s Bail Bonds in a proven service that can help you secure the bond you need and help you with your case.

What Is A Sex Crime Bail Bond?

A sex crime bail bond is very similar to a conventional bail bond. A bail bond is a written promise signed by the defendant and a surety in the sex crime case to ensure that the defendant will appear again in court at the date and time scheduled by the court. The judge will set the amount required for bail depending on the severity of the crime and the potential flight risk of the defendant.

The defendant, their friends and family, or a bail bond agent executes a document which promises to forfeit the amount set by the judge should the defendant not appear for their court date. Many defendants are not able to post the amount set, so a bail agent, for a non-refundable percentage of the amount, will post the bail.

The primary differences in the sex crime bail bond compared to a conventional bail bond will usually depend on any potential provisions put in place by the judge assigned to the case. A judge may order a provision which states that the defendant must stay away from the alleged victim of the crime if they are released. The judge may also order that the defendant attend counseling or victims panels related to your crime in order for release. If the defendant violates any of the provisions put in place by the judge, they put themselves at risk of being sent back to jail until their assigned court date.

How Can A Sex Crime Bail Bond Help?

A sex crime bail bond is commonly the first step in getting out of a very painful situation when one has been arrested for a sex crime. Being arrested is always a traumatizing and troublesome experience and many times, a bail bond agent is the only person who can help a defendant get out of jail.

Simply put, securing a sex crime bail bond through a bail bondsman is frequently the best and only way for a defendant to get out of jail before their trial date.

How Much Does A Sex Crime Bail Bond Cost?

The cost of the bail bond will depend on the amount of bail set by the judge. All bail bond services will charge a percentage of the bail cost.

How Soon Can A Sex Crime Bail Bond Get Me Out Of Jail?

Time of release depends on how busy the jail is and the amount of provisions set by the judge. A bail bondsman will do what they can to get the defendant released in a timely manner.

Where Can I Get A Sex Crime Bail Bond?

Most licensed bail bondsmen can write you a sex crime bail bond. It is highly recommended that you consult with family members and friends in the area to see if they have ever worked with a bail bond agent they recommend. The Las Vegas bond process can be incredibly complex, so it is also recommended that you hire a bail bond service that is experienced with the Las Vegas court and jail system and who has a track record of executing bail bonds which get their clients out of jail in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are in need of a sex crime bail bond in the Las Vegas area and would like to work with a trusted, helpful and affordable bail bond service, then call Godfather’s Bail Bonds at 702-384-4007. Our bond bondsmen know the Las Vegas court and jail systems and have the expertise to get you on the path to freedom as quickly as possible. We are also available 24 hours per-day, every day of the year to answer any questions you might have when you need them and to guide you through every step of the complicated process.

Godfather’s Bail Bonds looks forward to helping you.

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