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What Is A Bail Bond Agent in Las Vegas | Godfathers Bail Bonds

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what is a bail bonds agent?

A bail bondsman is a state-licensed agent who is authorized to post bail in behalf of another, in the form of a bond, and in exchange for a fee (usually 10%). Not just anyone can take it upon himself to act in this capacity, but only those who have satisfied certain requirements that the state of Nevada imposes. In Nevada, bail bondsmen and the bail bonds industry are more stringently controlled by state law than in most of the U.S., which is designed to protect those arrested and desperate for help from being taken advantage of.

A bail bondsman also typically is licensed as a bail enforcement officer, more commonly called a “bounty hunter.” This aspect of the job only comes into play should the bailed-out individual become a fugitive from justice. The bail bondsman will have power to enforce the terms of the bail by seeking out, apprehending, and returning the defendant to the court to stand trial.

Not only an individual but also a corporate entity, preeminently a bail bonds service, can be licensed by the state to issue surety bail bonds. This is only legal, however, if the corporation is owned and run by at least one state-licensed bail bondsman.

Requirements Nevada makes of would-be bail bondsman include:

  • A resident of Nevada for at least 1 year
  • 18 years old, 21 years old for bail enforcement
  • Passed the written state exam and 6-hour training course
  • Has been fully bonded in accordance with Nevada law
  • Has been appointed by an authorized surety insurer
  • Has never been convicted of any fraud or theft related crime nor of any crime of “moral turpitude”
  • Has been examined by state officials and judged to be competent, trustworthy, and financially responsible

Despite these protections, there are some unscrupulous bail bondsmen operating in the state of Nevada, and therefore, it is wise to scrutinize and compare bail bonds services before making a decision on which one to trust. References from past clients, a good rating and few/no complaints at the Better Business Bureau, and a long history of serving the local area are all factors to look for when assessing your options.

At Godfathers Bail Bonds, we have a team of fully licensed bail bonds agents who have deep knowledge of Nevada bail law and long experience with local law enforcement and court proceedings in the Las Vegas area as well as other parts of the state. If your loved one has been recently arrested anywhere in Nevada, do not hesitate to contact us toll-free at 702-384-4007 anytime day or night.

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