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Each of our bondsmen are highly trained and capable of handling any situation you may find yourself in. When you call our office, we can have a bail bondsman meet you in a matter of minutes to get the bail bond process underway. We understand the stress and confusion that accompanies an arrest. Frustration can wreak havoc causing you to not know where to turn first. We are here to help guide you through the legal maze that often accompanies an arrest.

Once you call our office, you have access to a wide range of experience and knowledge that you can benefit from. We can answer all of your questions, put your mind at ease and take over the most difficult parts of the situation. After you have completed the bail bond application and have been approved, we can help you secure the funds you need to post the defendant's bail. Our bail bondsman will go to the jail and post the defendant's bond. They will wait until they are released so they can go over the necessary paperwork and make sure the defendant arrives home safely.

At Godfathers Bail Bonds, we make sure both the defendant and the co-signer understand their rights as well as their obligations. Entering into a legal and binding contract is no small affair and we want to make sure that all parties involved understand every aspect of what a bail bond is all about. It is our goal to provide the best bail bonds service possible. In order to do that, we must make sure everyone knows what is going on at all times.

OUR BAIL BONDSMEN MAKE THEMSELVES AVAILABLE TO THEIR CLIENTS AT ALL TIMES. If a co-signer feels that the defendant is not living up to their end of the bail bonds agreement, the bondsman will help them to revoke the defendant's bond. This means that the defendant will be placed under arrest and the funds used to secure the bail bond will be returned to co-signer. This can happen for several reasons. The defendant may not be attending court appointed classes, using drugs or have stated their intention of not appearing at their scheduled court dates. No matter what the reason, it is the co-signers' right to terminate the bail bond contract and they can do so at any time.

BEING ABLE TO BE BONDED OUT OF JAIL IS EVERY CITIZEN'S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. According to the 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution, American citizens have the right to be able to post bail and get themselves released from jail prior to their court hearing. This allows them to return home to their family, go to work and hire an attorney to help them prepare their legal case. The 8th Amendment prevents individuals from remaining in jail for long periods of time without having their case heard in front of a judge. It encourages a fast and speedy trial and prohibits judges and law enforcement agencies from holding individuals for long periods of time for no reason other than their initial arrest.

It is unlawful for a defendant to be held in jail without bail for an extended period of time, especially if no reason has been given and no court date has been set. The Constitution guarantees citizens who have been arrested a speedy trial. This means a prompt arraignment, the ability to post bail and the right to a trial within a short period of time after their arrest.

There are occasions in which bail is denied to a defendant. This is a very sensitive issue and the judge will have to take several things into consideration. The high risk of flight is often the key factor in whether or not a questionable bail bond is granted. Posting bail to a known flight risk is dangerous for both the bail bondsman as well as the co-signer. If the judge determines the risk is significant enough to warrant holding the defendant, they may refuse to grant bail at all.

Another situation in which bail can be denied, is the seriousness of the charges and the fear that the defendant may harm themselves or others. In cases where a death or violent crime against another person has been committed, the judge may deem it necessary to hold the defendant without bond to prevent them from injuring themselves or attacking someone else. The rights of the public in this case, will supersede the right of the defendant to have bail. Although their right to bail will be considered, public safety and the rights of others must also be taken into consideration.

The right to bail is a serious issue and a judge must weigh all considerations when making such a crucial decision. To open up the time for more serious cases, a pre-determined bail bonds schedule is normally used for lesser offenses. Drug and alcohol related offenses for example are ranked according to the number of offenses a person has and the bail amount is pre-determined. When a person is arrested on a DUI or drug related charge, the jail will look at the schedule and be able to tell what the bail amount should be. Once the bail has been posted, the defendant can then be released and sent home.

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