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Green Valley Ranch Bail Bonds

Residents who live in or near Green Valley Ranch can call the main office of Godfathers Bail Bonds and have a bail bondsman meet with them or answer their questions over the phone. Our bondsmen are completely mobile and can meet you where ever you need them to. When you first call our office, you will need to provide the bail bondsman on hand with some necessary information, including:

  • Defendant's full name
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Place of employment (if applicable)
  • Where the arrest took place
  • What the charges are and their severity
  • The total bail amount if it is known (if the defendant has not been arraigned, the bail amount may be pending
  • What facility the defendant is being held in

With this information, the process will go rather quickly. Even if you only have the basics when it comes to information, our bondsmen are skilled at tracking a defendant's whereabouts. It will take a little while longer, but we can get the job done. The bail bond application can be completed over the phone or in person and the premium can be secured with a credit or debit card in just a few minutes. Once the application has been faxed to you, signed and sent back to us, we can head to the jail or detention center to post the defendant's bail and have them released. We will meet with the defendant and provide them the necessary information about their upcoming court dates and make sure they arrive home safely. We will also attend court with them if they would like for us to do so.

As part of the bail bond contract, defendants must check in on a regular basis. Some bail bond services are satisfied with weekly check ins, while others prefer day to day communications, especially if they believe the defendant is a significant flight risk. If a defendant fails to check in on a regular basis, the bail bondsman may look for the defendant to make sure they are still in the area. If the defendant still refuses to check in on a regular basis and has given the impression that they may not appear in court, the bail bondsman may discuss the problem with the co-signer and start the process of revoking their bond.

Revoking a bond is not difficult. The hard part is finding the defendant and putting them back in jail so the co-signer can collect the money they put up to secure the bail bond. If a defendant has decided not to go to court or has decided to leave the jurisdiction altogether, it can be extremely difficult to hunt them down. That is why the information the co-signer and defendant provide the bail bondsman must be accurate and complete. Without it, the bail bondsman, must do a thorough investigation talking to family, friends and co-workers in an attempt to track them down. This can lead to additional expenses and an excessive amount of time spent tracking down leads.

Once a person's bond has been revoked by the co-signer, they are put back in jail and must remain there until their scheduled court date. They may have the opportunity to try and find another co-signer but that will be up to the judge and any bail bond agency who chooses whether or not it is worth the risk. In most cases, once a person is back in jail after a revocation, they will normally not bond out again until after they go to court. It is important to look at all of your options if you are asked to post bail for someone who has already had one or more bonds revoked in the past. Odds are, it will not be in your best interest to do so.

There are some instances when a co-signer will decide not to post a bail bond. Calling a knowledgeable bail bondsman or service will help answer some very sensitive questions. People who have never dealt with an arrest or the courts can become easily confused with all of the legal jargon and terminology that is tossed around in a courtroom. In some cases, it is just not a good idea to post bond for a defendant. Either their charges are too severe of they are a high flight risk. Either way, there is a possibility of the co-signer losing money or property. They may even lose their home or car if they choose to use it to secure the bail bond. It is much better to be safe than sorry. If a co-signer has any doubts about whether or not they should co-sign a bail bond, they should err on the side of caution and not do it.

By calling Godfathers Bail Bonds, you become part of our bail bonds family. Every client we have is treated like a member of the family. Call 702-384-4007 to find out what we can do for you. We will answer your questions and help you get your loved one back on track. No matter where you are in the state of Nevada, Godfathers Bail Bonds and its team of qualified agents are ready to act on a moment's notice. We treat all of our clients like family and will do whatever we can to assist you with all of your bail bonds issues.

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  • We specialize in many different types of bail
  • We have no hidden fees
  • Our bail delivery service is free
  • We will attend court with our defendants
  • Our bail bondsmen are mobile
  • Our offices are open 24/7/365 days
  • We work overnights, weekends and holidays
  • Our bondsmen are knowledgeable about your Constitutional rights

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