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Henderson Bail Bonds

If you live in Henderson, Nevada and suddenly find yourself or a loved one facing an arrest, you need to hire the best bail bond service around. The agents of Godfathers Bail Bonds take great pride in their work and will do everything possible to make sure all of your questions are answered and that your legal rights are protected. We have several resources at our disposal and can work from almost anywhere. If you cannot make it to our main office, we can come to you. We will meet you wherever you feel the most comfortable. It is our goal to make sure your privacy is protected. Our bail bondsmen do their very best to maintain 100% confidentiality for all of our clients.

Not only will we come to you to complete the paperwork, we will also make sure the defendant is returned home safely after we have secured their release. We will stay at the jail or detention center once we have posted their bail to make sure we are able to take them home as soon as the release paperwork has been completed. Once we get them home, we will discuss what their obligations are to the court as well as to the bail bond service. Our bondsman will inform them of their court date, and if necessary, make arrangements to attend court with them. They will also set up a schedule for checking in. Defendants are required by many bail bond services to check in at least once or twice a week so that active communication remains in tact.

Understanding the 8th Amendment

The United States Constitution was written to ensure every American citizen knew their rights and how to protect them. The 8th Amendment includes the right to post bail and obtain early release from jail, prior to a person's scheduled trial date. Part of the reason for this particular amendment was to ensure that people did not spend any more time in jail than was absolutely necessary. Basically, it was to prevent someone who committed a minor offense from remaining in jail for an inappropriate amount of time. Being able to post bond allows the person to go home, return to work and hire an attorney. While they are out on bond, they can assist their attorney by helping to recover information and evidence that will help them win their case.

Even though the 8th Amendment guarantees all citizens the ability to post bond, there are certain circumstances in which a person may be denied bail. This normally happens when they are considered an extremely high flight risk or if their offenses are excessively severe. If the judge feels that the defendant may harm themselves or others while they are out on bond, they may choose to deny bail altogether and keep them in jail for observation. If the crime committed was of an extremely violent nature and a person was injured or killed in the process, the defendant may receive bail, but it will be excessively high. The judge may also choose to refuse to set bail at all.

If a defendant has been given an extremely high bail amount, there can be several reasons, including risk of flight. In most cases, an immigration bail bond also brings with it an exceptionally high bail bond amount. The risk of flight in immigration cases is very high because if the defendant can return home to their country of origin, there is very little that can be done to get them back to the United States to face trial. Many countries have extradition laws that will help United States law enforcement agencies recover international fugitives, but for the most part this is a very time consuming and costly process that many foreign countries would rather not deal with.

When bail bonds of over $1 million or more are issued, the most likely way to cover them is with the use of a property bond. Property bonds can be used to secure almost any value of bond, but they make much more sense when used for large bonds. The cost of converting property to cash in order to cover a forfeited bail bond can be quite expensive. In order for a piece of property to be used to secure a bail bond, it must be at least one and a half times the original value of the total bail bond amount. The extra value is used if the bond is eventually forfeited and the property must be converted to cash. Any amount that is left over after the amount of the bond is covered will be returned to the co-signer.

Henderson residents can call 702-384-4007 and talk to one of our qualified bail bondsmen. When you call Godfathers Bail Bonds, you won't get an answering machine. You will talk to a live bondsman who is more than ready to help you get your loved one out of jail and back home where they belong.

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