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Nellis Air Force Base Bail Bonds

Whether you are active military or a civilian, the agents at Godfathers Bail Bonds can help you if you are in a bind. Our bail bonds service offers several different bail bonds for almost every type of offense. Certain offenses require specific types of bail bonds. They include:

  • DUI and other alcohol related offenses
  • Domestic violence offenses
  • Rape and sexual assault offenses
  • Weapons charges
  • Immigration violations

Depending on the severity of the charge, the bail set may have to be determined by a judge at an arraignment hearing. If the charges are minor and the defendant does not have a lengthy criminal history, they may be able to post bail using a pre-determined bail bonds schedule. A pre-determined bail bonds schedule is used for misdemeanor offenses and allows for the defendant to post bail without being seen by a judge or attending an arraignment hearing. Some felony charges may be included on the schedule, but they would be of a lesser degree of severity than more serious charges.

Types of Bonds

There are several different types of bonds that can be posted to obtain someone's release from jail. Some are easier to obtain than others, while some carry a heavier risk. They include:

  • Cash bonds – A cash bond is posted in cash. The full amount of the bond must be presented to the jail or the court and it must be presented in person by the one who is securing the bond. A second or third party cannot post the bond for someone else. Cash bonds are probably the easiest of all of the bonds because they do not require hiring the services of a licensed bail bondsman. There is no middle man and no confusing bail bond application.
  • Surety bonds – Surety bonds are posted by a bail bonds agent. The co-signer fills out an application, offers the funds to secure the bond and agrees to take responsibility for the defendant while they are out of jail. A premium of 15% of the total bail bond amount is required in order for the bail bond to be secured. The premium cannot be negotiated since it is set by the state of Nevada. It is also not refundable. If, for some reason, the defendant does not comply with the court's requirements or fails to appear for their hearing, their bond will be forfeited and the entire amount will be due and owing to the court by the co-signer.
  • Property bonds – A property bond is a bail bond that is secured with real property such as real estate, a home, car, boat or anything else that holds substantial value. The only stipulation concerning a property bond is that the property used must be owned free and clear with not financial liens or other legal obligations attached to it. Property bonds are commonly used for immigration cases and cases that have an extremely high bond amount (commonly in excess of $1 million).
  • Warrant bonds – A warrant bond is one that is paid without the defendant actually being arrested. If a person knows there is an active warrant out for their arrest, they can hire a bail bond agent and have them go to the jail with them. While they are being booked and put through the intake and release processes, the bail bondsman can be posting their bail and finishing up all of the paperwork that will allow them to be released into their custody.
  • Signature bonds – A signature bond is one where the defendant is allowed to be released with only their signature or promise to comply. An individual who has an upstanding reputation within the community, no criminal history to speak of and a stable work history, are often allowed to be released on their own recognizance or with a signature bond because there is little risk of them trying to leave the court's jurisdiction.

No matter what type of bail bond is needed, our bail bondsmen are able to produce them. At Godfathers Bail Bonds, our bondsmen receive ongoing training through continuing education classes. Our bondsmen take these classes each year to maintain an active bail bond license. The laws that pertain to bail bonds industry are constantly undergoing changes. By taking these classes and keeping abreast of advancements, we are better able to serve our clients.

As one of the most well known bail bond services in the area, we take great pride in being able to offer the biggest selection of bail bonds possible. Call Godfathers Bail Bonds today at 702-384-4007 today to see how we can help you get out of a tough situation. Being arrested is not fun for anyone. Our bondsmen can help you take the stress out of the situation and help alleviate any fear you may have of losing your job or missing class. We are truly hear to help and will do so in whatever capacity we can.

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