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Spring Valley Bail Bonds

Godfathers Bail Bonds is one of the most well known names in the bail bonds industry. We have several years of experience helping Spring Valley, Nevada residents with all of their bail bonds needs. Our bondsmen are highly trained and specialize in many different kinds of bail bonds. As licensed and bonded bail bondsmen in the state of Nevada, each agent must take continuing education classes for their licenses to remain valid and in good standing. The classes they take help them to stay abreast of any new laws or developments in how our industry works.

The Advantage of Technology

Technology has many benefits especially when it comes to bail bonds. Our office is centrally located in Las Vegas, but residents in Spring Valley and other surrounding communities can call our office and, in a few short minutes, fill out an application and secure a bond without ever leaving the peace and comfort of their own home. The application can be started while the co-signer is on the phone with one of our agents. The application is then faxed to the co-signer for their signature. Once the application has been signed, it can be faxed back. The co-signer can secure the bail bond with credit or debit card while we are on the phone and within a few short minutes, the application is approved and one of our agents will be dispatched to whatever jail they need to go to post the defendant's bond.

It Takes Time

Filling out the bail bond application only takes a few short minutes. In fact, if the entire process is handled over the phone, it can take as little as 30 to 45 minutes to compete and be approved. With the approval of the application, the agent can then travel to the jail, post the bond and wait for the defendant to be released.

When a person is arrested, it can take up to 2 hours or longer for the booking and intake process to be completed. During the intake process, the defendant is booked, photographed, fingerprinted and various background checks are completed. Background checks are completed to make sure the defendant does not have any outstanding warrants or legal cases pending in other states. When the intake process is completed, the defendant is put in with the general population until the bond has been posted and the release process begins.

The release process is one of the lengthiest parts of the entire ordeal. In some cases it can take as much as 12 hours to complete. On a good day, it can take as little as two or three hours. The length of time it takes to have a defendant released will rely on how well staffed the facility is, what time of day it is and whether or not the facility is busy. On a slow day, the release process will move rather quickly and the defendant can be on their way home in a timely fashion. If the facility is over-crowded and extremely busy, it may take several extra hours for their release. Don't be discouraged, however, when the defendant has reached this step in the process, it is only a matter of time before they will be able to go home to their family.

Residents of Spring Valley can rely on the reputable bail bondsmen of Godfathers Bail Bonds to be there whenever they are needed. By calling 702-384-4007, you will be able to talk to an bondsmen who can answer your questions and offer you sound advice as to what type of bail bond would work best in your situation. Our bail bondsmen know the bail bonds business backwards and forwards and are here to help you in whatever capacity you need. Don't let the fear and frustration of an arrest get to you. Call us today and let us put your mind at ease.

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  • We specialize in many different types of bail
  • We have no hidden fees
  • Our bail delivery service is free
  • We will attend court with our defendants
  • Our bail bondsmen are mobile
  • Our offices are open 24/7/365 days
  • We work overnights, weekends and holidays
  • Our bondsmen are knowledgeable about your Constitutional rights

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